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Rules and regulations
Projects are accepted from all fields of scientific endeavor, including the social and economic sciences. Projects in the field of natural, engineering and socio-humanitarian sciences will be presented at the scientific workshops (list of workshops is attached) while only projects in the field of natural and engineering sciences – at the Exhibition.

Projects that in any way are deemed to represent a risk to public health and safety shall however not be accepted at the exhibition. In particular experiments that involve radioactive substances, dangerous equipment, toxic and carcinogenic materials are all excluded from public display.

Projects must respect the prevailing codes of ethics (including experimentation on invertebrates and non-invertebrates) in the country of origin as well as any considerations agreed to at the European or international level.

Contestants shall provide a written project, and a project suitable for display in a public exhibition.
The project for display:
A good display is essential so that the Jury can appreciate the quality of the project. The projects are presented on a stand with side walls and must not exceed the dimensions that are given in the EUCYS Rules and Regulations. The display is part of the contestant's project and is used to exhibit the essential parts of the work. The display may include, for example, working models, a video and other demonstration material.

It requires:

- Project displays to be set up by contestants at the Science Exhibition;

- Projects to be suitable for public display and conform to the strictest safety requirements;

- Project display that exceeds the stand dimensions will not be admitted.

The Expert Committee reserves the right to refuse the public displays of any material which may present a risk to health and safety or which is judged by the Committee to be otherwise unacceptable for public display.

Contestants are expected to conform to the Host country electricity supply and should find out about this in advance.

Contestants are responsible for bringing and setting up their own equipment. They should ensure that their equipment is insured or in the case of hired equipment, check that insurance cover is included. The Host Organizer will not accept any responsibility for loss or damage.
The written project:
A typewritten presentation (or essay). Hand written presentations are not admissible. The presentation should describe the project. It may be accompanied by original illustrations (graphs, drawings and photographs).

- It may consist of up to a maximum of 10 pages of written text (A4 format; single sided; double spaced and unbound in a minimum font size of 10);

- It may be accompanied by up to a further 10 pages of illustrations (A4 format; single sided and unbound);

- No extra materials such as video tapes and diskettes can be accepted as part of the typewritten presentation;

- The presentation has to be written in English language (Contestants are reminded, that the working language of the Jury is English).

A one page scientific summary in English containing the most important points of the project (aim of project, materials and methods, observations and conclusions).

A clear concise project title in English for the Contest Catalogue. This may be accompanied, if required, by the full scientific title.

Stand dimensions